New Face of Elderly Care

Harbourview Lodge has embraced the Eden Philosophy as a model for the care we deliver our Elders. At its core, the Eden Philosophy believes that quality care comes from addressing the plagues of loneliness, boredom and helplessness. Successful human interaction and quality of life is dependent on relationships that are grounded in trust. Our staff are provided detailed education and training to promote choice in the everyday lives of our Residents, and affirm their independence and feelings of belonging.


Harbourview Lodge is in the process of full Eden certification and if you wish to learn more about the Eden Philosophy, you may watch our videos shared here, or follow this link to their site.

Dr. Bill Thomas describing the Eden Alternative

Learn about the Eden Philosophy and the key ideas behind Elder care that Harbourview is working towards.

The Art of Creating a Caring Community

Main principles of Elder care that Harbourview shares.

Green House: A Place to call home

An example of what Elder care looks like when they are guided by the Eden philosophy.

... find out more about Eden Philosophy here.


We invite you to browse these galleries on Flickr showing some of our recent and past events that show the enjoyment of the Eden lifestyle in action.